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A Guide to Wedding Photography Contracts

The small print… we agree to the terms and conditions?…….yeah, yeah, blah,blah! How many times do we just tick in the box or sign at the bottom without reading it at all?!

Because planning a wedding is such an emotional process, couples sometimes neglect this all-important step. It’s so easy to do but wedding photography contracts are there to protect both parties and to make sure that there is agreement. It should be clearly written to avoid miscommunication and should set out the rules of engagement for both sides.

You wouldn’t dream of buying a new car without a warranty, so why would you purchase wedding photography services without equivalent protection?

A well-written contract protects you in two critical ways:

1 - it locks in the pricing you have agreed on.

2 - spells out exactly what you’re purchasing, eliminating any surprise changes to fees or services.

We’re convinced that this advice is a potential lifesaver, because we’ve heard many a sad story from bridal couples. Trust me: Wedding trends may come and go, but well-written contracts in crisp black & white will always be in style.

Final Thoughts

If you have any a story to tell about working with a photographer without a contract share for others to read in the comments below.

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