Terms & Conditions

Wedding photography terms and conditions can be found by clicking here.

In the following terms of contract if referred to as “the photographer(s)” this shall mean Clarity Images or any photographers, or agents appointed by Clarity Images. “the client(s)” shall be those entered into such a contract and who’s name appears on the booking sheet or order form.

By booking a photographic session or placing an order with the photographers you are subject to the full terms & conditions herein.

Booking Policy

A full payment of the current session fee applicable to the service supplied is required as deposit from client(s) at the time of booking.


The photographers require at least 48hrs by the client(s) to rearrange a photographic session. The first rearrangement is free of charge however the photographers reserve the right to charge a £10 admin fee on subsequent rearrangements.


Client(s) must give the photographers at least 48hrs notice of cancellation of an appointment. If the client(s) fail to give the correct designated cancellation time the client(s) shall loose their full deposit.

Non Arrivals

If the client(s) fail to arrive for an appointment the client(s) shall lose their full deposit and the appointment will no longer be guaranteed.


If the client(s) are more than 20 minutes late for an appointment the photographers reserve the right to offer a shortened photographic session or refuse to undertake the photographic session altogether.


Viewings will be arranged at a reasonably mutually and convenient time for both the client(s) and the photographers. Your viewing will be arranged to be held at the studio or a private online gallery.

Wedding photos will be ready for viewing within 12 weeks of the wedding, photo booth images within 48 hours and portrait photographs within 4 weeks of the session. The client(s) should be aware that the viewing appointment will be the only opportunity to order images & products from their photographic session.

The photographers reserve the right to delete from their server any images obtained from the photographic session and will be under no obligation to store or back up any images from any studio session after the viewing process is completed.


As all orders are by nature, individual and bespoke the photographers do not offer refunds or accept cancellations from the client(s) on orders once they have been placed. The photographers do not consider an order to be placed from the client(s) until such time as full payment or a mutually agreed deposit has been received from the client(s).


The photographers aim to turn your order around as quickly as is practicable and will give the client(s) a completion date at time of ordering, however at busy periods and if a product needs to be out sourced, the delivery time can be longer.

After all reasonable attempts have been made to contact the client(s) the photographers reserve the right to dispose of any uncollected or undelivered orders after 12 months and shall not be responsible to refund the cost of or replace any such orders.

Data Privacy Policy

Clarity Images values your privacy, and to this end subscribe to the principals of the Data Protection Act. Please read the Privacy Policy for further information.


Under the Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1988, all Copyright attaining to images taken by the photographers shall unless specifically released in writing remain the intellectual property of Clarity Images.

Under the Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1988 Clarity Images will not permit the use of any personal image recording equipment within its studio premises where the photographers control the shooting environment. If the client(s) infringes or is seen to infringe the copyright of any of the photographers images, the photographers reserve the right to halt and cancel the session or viewing and request the client(s) delete any recorded images immediately.