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Photo Restoration Price Guide

The following prices are given as a general guide. Once your photo has been seen in person a final quote will be given.

Photo Restoration

  • Quick Fix
    £5 to £10

  • Basic
    £10 to £20

  • Intermediate
    £20 to £40

  • Advanced

Hand Colouring

  • Quick Fix
    £10 to £20

  • Basic
    £20 to £40

  • Intermediate
    £40 to £80

  • Advanced

Prices to restore your photographs include high quality scanning and the finished image delivered by email. If applicable, return postage of your original photo will be UK Special Delivery™ from £6.69. Alternatively, you are welcome to collect your finished restoration and original print in person.

No payment is required until you are completely satisfied with the results.

Printing Options

To get the very best from your newly restored photograph I have selected a range of recommended printing options.

Detail of a photographic print

Quality Prints

Framed print

Framed Prints

Small photo book

Photo Books

I make no additional money from these products but offer them through a desire of wanting the very best results from start-to-finish.

How the Price is Set

The restoration price is largely based on the amount of time it will take to restore. This depends on several factors & considerations:

Amount of Damage

The more damaged a photo is the longer it will take to restore. The longer the time needed to restore a photo the higher the charge.

Size of the Photo

The larger a photo is the longer it will take to restore. In addition, enlarging a small photo often reveals damage not previously visible.

Hidden Damage

Heavily faded photos require large amounts of image processing to bring the detail back. This also reveals previously hidden flaws and damage that may require further restoration.

With heavily faded colour photos the colour information is often too damaged to restore and hand colouring will be needed.

Lets Talk

If you have any damaged old photographs, or even new photographs, in need of an expert touch please get in touch.